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The specs are too low for gaming and 3d use today. I am planning to install Windows 7 in the next year. I always has some sort of problem. I just replaced the hard drive on this computer. This computer has vista,and at shut down you get that spinning circle and then it stops spinning,Locked up? Windows quit supporting XP, so I’m ouit. Thie occurs several times, and believe me it is very frustrating.

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DELL dxp Satisfaction Reviews- PC Pitstop Libraries

And then, sometimes you’ll be in the middle of surfing web, or typing a paper and it will just start making that noise and the computer cuts off. I Like this computer. The previous owner’s files are still on the computer, which causes difficulties in finding files and programs.

Just installed, so dell dxp061 audio than whet I stated above, Delk really hope this will work, because my computer needs to keep tuned-up. I can’t find dell dxp061 audio via anti-virus or spyware scans. It’s not the modem- other computers don’t have the same problem here.

Am thinking about moving to windows 7 in the near future. It worked fine for a while, then it started having problems.


This machine was purchased used. MS applications seem fragile and often collapse. Dell dxp061 audio Pitstop is the audik 1 PC diagnostic process.

Overall, works good for NOT being a powerhouse. Sometimes it will boot up and take a long time to finish loading icons on the screen.

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Shut down, start up again, then can get on internet via firefox. I brought the system from Dell. Have had many,many,many problems with this computer. Pushing the power button starts the power up process but the boot never takes place. It has been so slow here recently. I cannot run IntelliCAD 7. I am very happy with the dell dual core, and will be hooking up to fiber optics in a month or so and will be running 30, mb, it will be very fast.

The computer runs better audii its new graphics card and a total reload of all software back in March of It dell dxp061 audio then be shut down using the power button dell dxp061 audio re-started. Computer hangs during reboot about half the time. As part of our test process, we ask users several subjective dell dxp061 audio related to their satisfaction and performance of their computer.


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Monitor currently has numerous green rectangular blocks that flash intermitantly across the screen – huge distraction, very frustrating. This computer has been scaned many times in the past. This unique capability enables us to have the largest PC customer dell dxp061 audio database in the world.

However, had problems re-installing Microsoft software. I always has some sort of problem. Everything was tootling along just fine until one morning after boot-up this weekend I noticed that Aero features were no longer used or available.

I listed dissatisfied dell dxp061 audio the time being until I use it.

I don’t know yet about your scan until I use it afterwards. I have been having having windows start up failurers and had to do the dell dxp061 audio startup repair. I have Nortons full ver. To be running with an Intel Q 2.