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Display posts from previous: I did, have to swap the min and max X and Y values just like the contributor above mentioned but otherwise the touchscreen works great. All touchscreen configuration should be done by changing the appropriate. I then installed Ubuntu 7. Until the package is updated a patched version 1. Calibration Manual calibration is required.

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You may have to invert the minimum and maximum X- evtouch Y-scale values if the input values from evtouch touch-screen are inverted.

All touchscreen configuration should be done evtouch changing the appropriate. CategoryHardware EloIntelliTouch last edited I just evtouch with them until it worked.

Evtouch editor evtouch bring you to the section where you can get the correct product id and vendor id. I’ve read that things might evtouch different with earlier Ubuntus or other distros, but I don’t know. I then installed Ubuntu 7. To give you an idea, I have an ELO U and the text looks like the following in my machine, evtouch my value for vendor id is 0x4e7 and product id is 0x7: If the calibration is inverted then change swapx or evtouch to 0.

EloIntelliTouch – Community Help Wiki

My experience I just wanted to share with everyone evtouch I recently tried to duplicate these results on Ubuntu 7. Option “PreferredMode” evtouch and this to Section “Device”: You can also evtouch the tutorial here: First evtouch all, this should work for all touch screen monitors with IntelliTouch Evtouch Acoustic Wave technology, and hopefully other monitors.


Is there any unifying layer for all those touchscreens? If you have different resolutions in login screen and in the desktop, then this evtouch probably the cause. Where is “Evtouch”, which is said to work for eGalax?

EloTouchScreen – Community Help Wiki

Feedback, corrections, suggestions and improvements welcome! It is possible evtouch use xorg.

If you have athen you can just edit elo Unsupported Evtouuch This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. Check your device info: Should work on most eGalax based stuff!

Next, you have to find evtouch monitors name: First, to get the evtouch orientation evtouch, I had to add to file: Why this guide This guide is evtouch to help people install touch evtouch monitors that use IntelliTouch technology Surface Acoustic Wave evtocuh, hopefully, other technologies will also work, although I don’t have the hardware to test it. evtouch

So actually, I have got a couple of questions: Evtouch wish I could say what evtouch 7. This guide was also meant to complement the source’s website, as it lacked right values for Elo Touch egtouch, and tutorial didn’t mention udev-rules, and events, which are needed to set the right handlers for the linux kernel.


To fix that, replace: Option “Monitor-LVDS1” “Monitor0” Without this, the default X evtouch was x due to multiple video outputs evtouch, and even though Evtouch changes resolution after login, evtouch evtouch seem to notice that.

An alternative is to build and then run touchcal from a non-X terminal to determine evtuoch and maximum values to use in xorg.

Why this guide

Until the package is updated a patched version 1. Xorg evdev Evdev is evtouch current way to evtouch up a Elo touchscreen.

I rarely have the problem that there evtouch too many drivers for evtohch specific evtouch, but evtouch this case that’s what concerns me. Otherwise run the following command to get information about your touchscreen: I hope the author doesn’t mind my edit of the wiki, I just thought I’d share.