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A simple test program is supplied to test the performance and accuracy of the touch device as handled by the UPDD driver. No click, movement only. During install the system may issue certain warning dialogs, such as the installation of a non signed driver if installing a non signed version of our driver! Only the first serial or Virtual device , if any are supported in the driver bundle, is configured. An icon linking to the UPDD settings will appear in the menu bar. Once the driver is installed and calibrated then the most basic touch interaction resulting from the touch screen being used is to perform mouse emulation such that a touch on the screen emulates a mouse button down, mouse movement and button up.

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As an end user we can build and supply a driver to support your touch hardware in use for most operating systems.

Touch-Base – Software & SDK

If RegEdit is not present all selections and dropdowns are blank. Certain system settings may affect the functionality of the pointer device. Command Line interface A command line utility is supplied that can be used to perform certain configuration or device type functions.

The controllers are listed by their common names as known to usand it is likely that we support tiuchscreen controller even if it is not listed so contact us for advice.


Delete the UPDD application folder e.

Serial port issues

There are separate files for 32 and 64 bit systems. When Whisker is talking to UPDD properly and has control of its touchscreens, the system mouse pointer is entirely unaffected by touchscreen touches.

Driver – user mode component. This stands for Universal Pointer Device Driver and refers to the fact that the driver is available for many operating systems and supports nearly all known touch controllers ever manufactured. On non-Windows 8 systems this setting is ignored. As a touch manufacturer we can supplier an OEM version of the driver for distribution with your touch products. The main features of the latest UPDD driver are as follows: It can be used to view stylus input from single and multi-touch devices.

Shows the latest version of the software and what has been addressed between each release. However, there are a number of touch interfaces that can be utilised within our driver, as described below: If you cannot find your device listed here or are having any difficulty please use our contact form. Change Touch Panel Changeover Switch placed on the board inside of the unit.

These are the steps need to enable install tracing: Touch-base offers multi-touch gestures software. Gestures Virtual HID interface. Pen down then drag.

You will initially have to install on a system using the setup. Mouse emulation software former PL-TD Indicates if the driver is to process the touch data for the device — use with caution if touch is the only interface!


However there is always a possibility that system dialogs will be shown, either because you are installing an unsigned version of the driver or because UAC Windows 7 user access control settings dictate that the system seeks permission before changes are made to the touchcsreen by the installer.

If set to 0 default settings use the Win8TI interface. Please note that General Touch is the name of a touch manufacturer and not a generic touch screen driver. Uninstall any other 3 rd party driver.

Interactive switch delay determines right click hold time. It is useful for gesture support for example, if you wanted to utilize the predefined, multi-touch Mac OS gesture functions.

Does not work when switching users. Needed to install upddvh. Pen down and pen up at point of touch. One per PnP touch device e.

Pen up at lift off. Driver version information, Licensee name and Support Contract Number.