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Wacom is a Japanese company that, among other things, produce drawing tablets and … drawing monitors! My Yiynova also had a clean screen as opposed to the Huion GT , which has some issues with dust particles being trapped behind the LCD not all units, only some. The Yiynova is in second place when it comes to hotkeys, for me 8 is more than enough. If we say the scale is from one to ten, then it gets a full ten … maybe eleven. Click HERE to learn about our grading criteria. However, I was hoping that I could at least leave my Wacom drivers on my computer so that I could use my Bamboo if I wanted to, but I was unable to get things working correctly until I uninstalled all of the Wacom drivers. Common to them all is that they always start in exactly the same way:

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The two pen kits each consist of a P2X pen, two extra nibs yiynova msp19u a total of six nibs including the ones that came in the pensa nib-remover, and a plastic case for the yiynova msp19u. The disk that the tablet came with contained the newest yoynova of the drivers, which were not recommended for use with Windows 7.

Yiynova msp19u has actually run like clockwork. Everything was running smoothly, but when I drew with the tablet for long periods of time, the pen pressure would stop working after an hour or two yiynova msp19u I would be unable to draw with it until I restarted my computer. Yiynova says they are working on a new more robust model. The pen cases with extra nibs and nib remover on left and right sides of the open case respectively.


Jodie januar 7, Awesome thanks, yeah i was looking at the DP10U which is Yiynovas portable graphics tablet but it doesnt currently work with GIMP yiynova msp19u thats the main program i use. Yiynova msp19u this review has provided you with some useful information that will make yiynova msp19u tablet-buying choice easier! Some years ago I had a revelation. I had done my homework on this, and my computer was wiped of anything that had something to do with Wacom.

Adds hotkeys, a much better digitizer and a higher resolution screen. It was simply impossible for me to control that when I drew a horizontal line on the tablet, that the line on the screen ksp19u also become horizontal.

ms1p9u Daniel yiynova msp19u 27, A very nice review! I worked for a short time at a communications agency, where they had a Wacom Cintiq in a corner.


If we say the scale is from one to ten, then it gets a full ten … maybe eleven. Thanks for msp199u questions. Here is a quick pros and yiynova msp19u list of what I feel are the most important details of the tablet: One thing that will affect your workflow is the presence or lack of hotkeys. I will talk about how I solved the problem for reference for anyone else having the same issue. How does it work with that operating software.

So far I have not had to replace the yiynova msp19u, and from what I have read, the pen can be used regularly yiynova msp19u jsp19u long time at least several months without needing a new battery. The Yiynova is in second mssp19u when it comes to hotkeys, for me yiynova msp19u is more than enough.

Yiynova MSP19U+ Graphic Tablet Review

And let me just tell you: We will send you Emails with yiynova msp19u tablet deals and special discount offers. The English is pretty horrendous. Of course yiynova msp19u is annoying that your new toy breaks down, but I think it is reassuring that the Yiynova support team is ready on the sidelines with quick help if an accident should occurs.


Yiynova msp19u have it set up as a secondary screen in my workplace ring now. The person I spoke to at the The Panda City was very knowledgeable about the technical specs and was able to answer all my questions.

Kim Lyng Larsen

The power button and settings buttons are on the lower right side and it yiynova msp19u me a few minutes to figure out how to maneuver through the menus to change the colors and brightness.

But msp19 are only rumors, as I have no first hand experience with it. Some other people have received a different version of the box, a bare, cardboard colored box with lineart of a digital tablet yiynova msp19u no photo of the product on the box. Mspp19u information about text formats.

Yiynova MSP19U 19″ LED LCD Monitor

He had found something very, very interesting: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Yiynova msp19u default stand mps19u on the back of the monitor. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

First Impressions Looking just at the exterior yiynova msp19u the two tablets, it clear that they are very similar.